Greece Actually – Sue Roberts

Published by: Bookouture
Date Published: 13/08/2021
Date Read: 25/07/2021

Take one sea-view villa, add two dates with a Greek God, a few glasses of wine, a dash of accidental nudity, and a heavy dose of sunshine. Recipe for a perfect getaway… or an absolute disaster?

Small, shy, safe. That’s how Becky lives ever since her last romantic calamity landed her in hospital. Her comfort zone is as confining as her tiny bank balance, and fiercely guarded by her totally over-the-top mum. But the news that her ex is back sniffing round is the final straw. In a very un-Becky move, she packs her bags for the Greek island of Skiathos. Maybe the setting of her favourite ABBA movie will be just the break from reality Becky needs…

Stepping aboard the Mamma Mia! boat tour, Becky leaves her fear in the port as she sings… out loud… in public, and cries Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! to everything the Greek life has to offer. She befriends locals young, old, and absolutely perfect (hello, sizzling hot restaurant-owner Kyros!), dines on freshly baked bread drizzled in golden olive oil on a starlit date, and walks barefoot along silky sandy beaches.

When Kyros asks her to stay longer, Becky is stunned. Could she really create a new life for herself here, and trust her heart with this smooth-talking charmer? But just as she’s thinking about putting down roots, her troublesome ex makes a dramatic return, begging for her back. Will she go back to playing it safe, or will she take a chance on Greece and embrace her true dancing queen?

Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

I’ve never been to Greece but Sue manages to evoke a memory that I don’t even have. I can smell the lavender and taste the wine and feel the heat (I hate hot weather but sun in the UK is a different beast to heat on a foreign island).

I did think there would be more to Scott’s story but he wasn’t really explored where I thought he could be more of a contrast to the other characters. Some characters are more well-rounded than others, but they’re all their own person with a specific purpose to the storyline.

Oh it is so warm and comforting. It is fun and funny and romantic, relaxing and entertaining. It is light reading and very enjoyable. Perhaps a predictable storyline, but great fun at the same time. I’ve not read any of Sue’s Greece inspired books before, but it’s clear she has a great passion for the country and it might just have to be my next holiday destination – especially if there’s a handsome Greek waiting for me.

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