A Home In The Sun – Sue Moorcroft

Published by: Avon
Pages: 384
Date published: 19/08/2021
Date read: 09/08/2021

Home is where the heart is…but what if your heart is broken?

When Judith loses her partner, she loses her life in Malta too – including the beautiful view from her sun-warmed balcony of the sparkling blue waters of Sliema Creek.

Back in England, Judith finds a spare room in her sister’s house where she grew up – but with it comes a whole host of family dramas.

Nursing a broken heart, Judith knows she must find happiness again – and rebuild her life on her own terms. Could an island in the sun be the answer she is looking for?

Thanks to Avon and Sue Moorcroft for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

I never used to like the beach-read, happily-ever-after type books, preferring edge of your seat thrillers. But as the real world seems to get darker, the more I have grown to love these warming, cuddly reads, and Sue Moorcroft is definitely the lady to go to.

I’ve never been to Malta, but Sue writes it in such a glorious way I feel like I’m right there, but not in an over-the-top gimmicky touristy way. She also manages to perfectly depict a sense of homesickness, for both a country and a person. There’s a great explanation of grief and loss that never crosses the line. It’s such a warming, comforting book that will suit any reader. It has laughter and tears, joy and sadness, love and death.

What I really liked is Sue’s depiction of Adam. [MINOR PLOT SPOILERS COMING] Adam has a disability with his hand where he is missing some fingers. But this isn’t used for entertainment or for him to just be the “token disabled character”. He just so happens to be a man with a disability and I love that. So often I read characters who have only been given a disability because it’s an interesting character trait, or it’s the reason something has happened or will happen. Just to have a character being like every other character – but with bits missing – is just a pleasure to read.

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