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I won’t be rating the books I read out of 10, or giving them a star rating. I find it almost impossible to rate books this way.

What happens if you read a book that isn’t as good as the one you previously gave 5 stars to, but is better than the one you gave 4? Do you give it 4.5? But when what if another one falls between 4 and 4.5? Do you rate it 4.35? It just goes on forever and gets confusing.

Instead, you will simply find my own personal views on the book itself, and what the book means to me.

I aim not to post out-and-out spoilers in my reviews. However, if it is necessary to do so, I will ensure there is an obvious spoiler warning at the beginning of the review.

The synopsis of all books on this blog are pulled from either Goodreads or Amazon. Unless otherwise noted, all words, opinions, and photographs within the reviews themselves are my own.

I am accepting book review requests. Please get in contact via the comments section, my Instagram page, or my email.

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