The Setup – Lizzy Dent

Published By: VikingPages: 368Released On: 09/06/2022 There are two men in my life. But this is not a love triangle. Mara Williams reads her horoscopes every day – but she wasn’t expecting to be in a whole other country when destiny finally found her. Just as a fortune teller reveals that her true love isContinue reading “The Setup – Lizzy Dent”

The Summer Job – Lizzy Dent

Published by: VikingPages: 320Date released: 15/04/2021Date read: 23/04/2021  Have you ever imagined running away from your life? Well Birdy Finch didn’t just imagine it. She did it. Which might’ve been an error. And the life she’s run into? Her best friend, Heather’s. The only problem is, she hasn’t told Heather. Actually, there are a fewContinue reading “The Summer Job – Lizzy Dent”