The Bet of the Monsters – Sotto Voce

Pages: 406Released On: 03/11/2022 After giving up every possession he has in exchange for peace of mind and getting away from everything that betrays him, Leo finds himself in a weird situation. He discovers a fortune falling onto his lap, in the shape of a generous amount of money in his new bank account andContinue reading “The Bet of the Monsters – Sotto Voce”

In Ora: The Land of the Superior – Sotto Voce

Pages: 361Released On: 29/09/2021 What is a superior modern world life? When humans have found keys to tailor genes, eradicate diseases, advanced physiques, intelligence, and technology? Luke found himself back in Ora, the land of the superior, where everyone was tall, beautiful, and perfect, a stark difference from his home, the Origin. When the divisionContinue reading “In Ora: The Land of the Superior – Sotto Voce”