The Man Without Shelter – Indrajit Garai

Pages: 122Released On: 06/09/2022 Lucy, a young lawyer, is on fast track to partnership in her firm. Arnault, a convicted felon, leaves prison after two decades through a piece of evidence in his favor. The two of them come together during a rescue operation at the centre of Paris, and then they go on withContinue reading “The Man Without Shelter – Indrajit Garai”

The Bridge of Little Jeremy – Indrajit Garai

Pages: 366Released On: 18/03/2019 The adventure of a young Parisian artist and his dog. A novel of action and reflection; of fidelity and trust; of resilience, love, and the power of art.  Jeremy’s mother is about to go to prison for their debt to the State. He is trying everything within his means to saveContinue reading “The Bridge of Little Jeremy – Indrajit Garai”