The Last Passenger – Will Dean

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 496Released On: 11/05/2023 Caz Ripley, a cafe owner from a small, ordinary town, boards the RMS Atlantica with her boyfriend Pete and a thousand fellow passengers destined for New York.The next morning, she wakes to discover that everyone else on board has disappeared.And that’s just the beginning. Caz must prepare for aContinue reading “The Last Passenger – Will Dean”

Don’t Believe the Hype – Natalie Lewis

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 352Released On: 13/04/2023 The world of fashion is supposed to be glamorous . . . isn’t it? Meet Frankie Marks: the world’s least likely fashion PR. She got the job by fluke, she doesn’t know the first thing about designers, she’s always hungry, and she struggles to think before sheContinue reading “Don’t Believe the Hype – Natalie Lewis”

Death of a Bookseller – Alice Slater

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 384Released On: 27/04/2023 Roach – bookseller, loner and true crime obsessive – is not interested in making friends. She has all the company she needs in her serial killer books, murder podcasts and her pet snail, Bleep. That is, until Laura joins the bookshop. Smelling of roses, with her cuteContinue reading “Death of a Bookseller – Alice Slater”

Her – Mira V Shah

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 336Released On: 23/03/2023 You want to be just like her. But do you really know her? Rani has always felt like an outsider. First growing up among her white, wealthy peers. And now next to her successful, child-free friends. From the tiny rented flat she lives in with her family,Continue reading “Her – Mira V Shah”

End of Story – Louise Swanson

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 320Released On: 23/03/2023 Too much imagination can be a dangerous thing It has been five years since writing fiction was banned by the government.  Fern Dostoy is a criminal. Officially, she has retrained in a new job outside of the arts but she still scrawls in a secret notepad inContinue reading “End of Story – Louise Swanson”

You Get That From Me – Charlotte Butterfield

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 368Released On: 09/03/2023 You can’t choose your family… Stella thought she knew how her life would turn out. A stellar career, the perfect husband (not like her own good-for-nothing dad), two gorgeous children, a dog to take on muddy countryside walks. But here she is: forty, single, living with her mum and grandmother,Continue reading “You Get That From Me – Charlotte Butterfield”

Mad Honey – Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 464Released On: 15/11/2022 Olivia fled her abusive marriage to return to her hometown and take over the family beekeeping business when her son Asher was six. Now, impossibly, her baby is six feet tall and in his last year of high school, a kind, good-looking, popular ice hockey star withContinue reading “Mad Honey – Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan”

Looking For Jane – Heather Marshall

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 390Released On: 11/08/2022 2017: When Angela discovers a mysterious letter containing a life-shattering confession in a stack of forgotten letters, she begins to look for the intended recipient. Her search takes her to the 1970s and 80s, when a group of daring women operated an illegal underground abortion network knownContinue reading “Looking For Jane – Heather Marshall”

Nora Goes Off Script – Annabel Monaghan

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 272Released On: 07/06/2022 Nora Hilton knows the formula for love better than anyone. As a romance channel screenwriter, it’s her job. But when her husband leaves her and their two kids, Nora turns the collapse of her marriage into the best script of her life. When it’s picked up forContinue reading “Nora Goes Off Script – Annabel Monaghan”

The Wedding Season – Katy Birchall

Published By: Hodder and StoughtonPages: 400Released On: 26/05/2022 Freya Scott is getting married. Her wedding to Matthew, her long-term boyfriend, is the first of eight in her calendar this year, and as someone who prides herself on being meticulously organised, Freya is intent on making it the perfect day to remember. But when Matthew callsContinue reading “The Wedding Season – Katy Birchall”