What Did I Read in 2022?

At the end of 2021, I decided to post a complete list of all the books I had read that year, plus two posts documenting my favourite reads of each month. People seemed to enjoy it, and I found it interesting to revisit the past 12 months, so I’m back doing it again.

I thought that my reading would slow down this year with the hope that I would get a job. However, my illness worsened, and I am no longer fit to work. Which is a negative in some ways, but it does free up a lot of time to read and read some more. Which is precisely how I’ve spent the last year.

Last year, my target was 100 books – and I ended up reading 200. So this year, my target was 200, and I finished at 259. This was made up of a range of audiences, page counts and formats, including:

📚 174 Advanced Reader Copies, 22 Gifted, and 63 I already owned.
📚 204 Adult Fiction, 19 Children or Young Adult Fiction, 27 Non-Fiction, 8 Cookery Books, and 1 Poetry Book.
📚 80 with page counts of 300 or less, 174 with page counts of 301-500, and 5 with page counts of over 501.
📚 12 online book tours.

📚My most read authors this year were Clare Mackintosh, Fiona Valpy and Jessica Redland, with 3 books each.
📚My most read publishers this year were Boldwood with 15, Penguin with 13, Bloomsbury with 12, HarperCollins with 10, Macmillan with 10 and Simon & Schuster with 10 read.
📚I also read 15 independent/self-published titles.

So, without further ado, you will find my complete list of books read this year below. Please let me know if you’ve read any of them and if so, your opinions.


– Fry’s Ties by Stephen Fry
– Meet Me In the Margins by Melissa Ferguson
– The Embroidered Book by Kate Heartfield
– Thirty Things I Love About Myself by Radhika Sanghani
– Will by Will Smith
– Anonymous Sex by Hillary Jordan and Cheryl Lu-Lien
– The Blitz Bus by Glen Blackwell
– Piranesi by Susannah Clarke
– The Haunting Season by Various Authors
– Heartsick by Jessie Stephens
– The Hummingbird’s Tear by CM Kerley
– Too Many Reasons to Live by Rob Burrow
– The Rebound by Catherine Walsh
– Julia and the Shark by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
– One Night on the Island by Josie Silver
– Just The Way You Are by Beth Moran
– The Literary Almanac by Francesca Beauman
– Breathless by Amy McCulloch
– A Queen For All Seasons by Joanna Lumley
– The Last Supper by Rosemary Shrager
– A Terrible Kindness by Jo Browning Wroe
– The Language of Food by Annabel Abbs
– A Cook’s Book by Nigel Slater


– The Little Library on Cherry Lane by Katie Ginger
– A River Enchanted by Rebecca Ross
– Sundial by Catriona Ward
– Appetite by Ed Balls
– They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera
– The Cartographers by Peng Shepherd
– Stone Broke Heiress by Danielle Owen-Jones
– The Woman Who Took a Chance by Fiona Gibson
– Second Star to the Left by Megan Van Dyke
– Impossible by Sara Lotz
– The Tea Ladies of St Jude’s Hospital by Joanna Nell
– Comeuppance Served Cold by Marion Deeds
– Here Lies by Olivia Clare Friedman
– Metronome by Tom Watson
– Remember the Butterfly by Rebecca Marsh
– Welcome to Your Life by Bethany Rutter
– Medusa by Jessie Burton
– The Village of Happy Ever Afters by Alison Sherlock
– The Summer That Changed Us by Cathy Bramley

MARCH (25)

– The Balloon Thief by Aneesa Marufu
– Graphite and Turbulence by Jami Fairleigh
– Guinevere: The Dragon Ring by Fil Reid
– Spring Tides at the Starfish Cafe by Jessica Redland
– The Order of the Day by Eric Vuillard
– The Lives of Diamond Bessie by Jody Hadlock
– Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart
– The Memory of Her by Bianca Schwarz
– The No-Show by Beth O’Leary
– First Born by Will Dean
– Mad About You by Mhairi McFarlane
– Someone to Love by Tracy Corbett
– It Started With a Kiss by Lisa Hobman
– Hide by Kiersten White
– A Tidy Ending by Joanna Cannon
– One Good Thing by Alexandra Potter
– The Birdcage by Eva Chase
– The Little Cornish House by Donna Ashcroft
– Wonderdog by Jules Howard
– In Ora: The Land of the Superior by Sotto Voce
– The House of Marvellous Books by Fiona Vargo Marshall
– Psycho Hose Beast From Outer Space by CD Gallant-King
– Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister
– The Dance Tree by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
– Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez

APRIL (21)

– Revenge of the Space Surfing Butt Monkeys by CD Gallant-King
– The Real Kenneth Grahame by Elisabeth Galvin
– Afterwards by Charlotte Leonard
– Little Sister by Gytha Lodge
– The Half Life of Snails by Philippa Holloway
– A Stitch in Time in Applewell by Lilac Mills
– The Murder Rule by Dervla McTiernan
– The Swimmers by Chloe Lane
– Tell Me An Ending by Jo Harkin
– The Game by Scott Kershaw
– Journal of a Husband by Marc Francis
– Somewhere in Time: Tales of Time Cross Romance by Various Authors
– The Bookshop on Primrose Hill by Sarah Jio
– Duckling by Eve Ainsworth
– This is Not a Pity Memoir by Abi Morgan
– Summer at the French Café by Sue Moorcroft
– That Green Eyed Girl by Julie Owen Moylan
– A Head Full of Magic by Sarah Morrell
– You Have a Friend in 10A by Maggie Shipstead
– The Memory Keeper of Kyiv by Erin Litteken
– The Wedding Season by Katy Birchall

MAY (24)

– The People on Platform 5 by Clare Pooley
– The Slow Lane Walkers Club by Rosa Temple
– Beach House Summer by Sarah Morgan
– Little Bird by Tiffany Meuret
– Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
– Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan
– Old Rage by Sheila Hancock
– Wild Fires by Sophie Jai
– Meredith, Alone by Claire Alexander
– Simply Healthy Food by The Hairy Bikers
– A Colourful Country Escape by Anita Faulkner
– The Girl on the 88 Bus by Freya Sampson
– The Setup by Lizzy Dent
– The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle by Jennifer Ryan
– The Queen: 70 Years of Majestic Style by Bethan Holt
– The Swimmer by Graham Norton
– Retreat to the Spanish Sun by Jo Thomas
– Saving the Day by Katie Fforde
– Ghost Lover by Lisa Taddeo
– The Donor by Clare Mackintosh
– The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett
– Blind Spot by Paula Hawkins
– The Love of my Life by Rosie Walsh
– A Home at Cornflower Cottage by Tilly Tennant

JUNE (18)

– The Measure by Nikki Erlick
– Hetty and the Battle of the Books by Anna James
– The Weekend Cook by Angela Hartnett
– The Holiday Bookshop by Lucy Dickens
– Poppy Loves Devon by Gillian Young
– I’m Sorry You Feel That Way by Rebecca Wait
– The Black Mountain by Kate Mosse
– Lifesaving for Beginners by Josie Lloyd
– The Retreat by Sarah Pearse
– Owner of a Lonely Heart by Eva Carter
– Do No Harm by Jack Jordan
– Great Sexpectations by Kristen Bailey
– Isaac and the Egg by Bobby Palmer
– Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney
– You Are Not a Before Picture by Alex Light
– Together Under a Snowy Skye by Lisa Hobman
– Elodie’s Library of Second Chances by Rebecca Raisin
– Urban Scarecrows by Jim Chambers

JULY (23)

– Just Got Real by Jane Fallon
– Small Miracles by Anne Booth
– The Locked Away Life by Drew Davies
– The Worst Girl Gang Ever by Bex Gunn and Laura Buckingham
– The Highland Hens by Judy Leigh
– Looking for Jane by Heather Marshall
– Two Storm Wood by Philip Gray
– Spellboda by J.C Clarke
– Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid
– Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died by Ty Alexander
– Maybe This Christmas by Jill Steeples
– The Hollow Sea by Annie Kirby
– The Little House By The Sea by Tracy Rees
– The Grumpus: And His Dastardly, Dreadful Christmas Plan by Alex T. Smith
– That Bonesetter Woman by Frances Quinn
– Snowfall Over Halesmere House by Suzanna Snow
– Coming Home to Puddleduck Farm by Della Galton
– Let It Snow by Beth Moran
– Behind the Seams by Esme Young
– The Book of Gothel by Mary McMyne
– The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O’Farrell
– The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean
– The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell


– And Finally by Henry Marsh
– Breadsong by Kitty and Al Tait
– The Recipe For Hope by Fiona Valpy
– The Season of Dreams by Fiona Valpy
– Lights Through the Vines by Fiona Valpy
– The Cosy Travelling Christmas Shop by Lilac Mills
– Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin
– The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh
– Snow Falls Over Starry Cove by Nancy Barone
– Wolfsong by TJ Klune
– The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell
– Christmas at the Borrow a Bookshop by Kiley Dunbar
– Everything is Beautiful by Eleanor Ray
– The Butcher by Laura Kat Young
– Hostage by Clare Mackintosh
– The Night We Got Stuck in a Story by Ben Miller
– Christmas Miracles at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland
– Before Your Memory Fades by Toshikazu Kawaguchi
– The October Witches by Jennifer Claessen
– Ledge – Stacey McEwan
– All The Broken Places by John Boyne
– Scandikitchen Christmas by Bronte Aurell
– What Remains by Rupert Callender
– Keeping a Christmas Promise by Jo Thomas
– Shrines of Gaiety by Kate Atkinson


– Marple: Twelve New Stories by Various Authors
– The Curse of Dutch Courage by Lazza Ogden
– Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods by Jill Steeples
– Family Business by Jonathan Sims
– The Toll House by Carly Reagon
– Truly Darkly Deeply by Victoria Selman
– Christmas at the Highland Flower Shop by Lucy Coleman
– N-4 Down: The Hunt for the Arctic Airship Italia by Mark Piesing
– The House of Lost Wives by Rebecca Hardy
– The Book of Forgotten Authors by Christopher Fowler
– The Empire by Michael Ball
– The Bridge of Little Jeremy by Indrajit Garai
– The Big Christmas Bake by Fiona Barker
– The Cat Lady by Dawn O’Porter
– Eliot’s Book of Bookish Lists by Henry Eliot
– Someone For Everyone by Tracy Corbett
– The Gingerbread Cafe by Anita Faulkner
– The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman
– Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan
– The Book of the Most Precious Substance by Sara Gran
– Meet Me Under The Mistletoe by Jenny Bayliss


– The Secret of Matterdale Hall by Marianne Ratcliffe
– Undoctored by Adam Kay
– Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin
– The Man Without Shelter by Indrajit Garai
– The Second Chance Holiday Club by Kate Galley
– The Last Circle of Love by Lorna Landvik
– The Darlings of the Asylum by Noel O’Reilly
– Forever Home by Graham Norton
– Brilliant Bakes by Hairy Bikers
– A Christmas Celebration by Heidi Swain
– Home by Cailean Steed
– The Cloisters by Katy Hays
– The Simple Truth by James Buckler
– What We Remember by Sarah Echavarre
– Performance and Purpose in Dying and Death by CK Hogan
– Murder on the Christmas Express by Alexandra Benedict
– The Golden Oldies Book Club by Judy Leigh
– The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair by Natasha Hastings (illustrated by Alex T Smith)
– A Heart That Works by Rob Delaney


– Promise Me by Jill Mansell
– Playing Under the Piano by Hugh Bonneville
– We All Want Impossible Things by Catherine Newman
– Are You Really OK? by Roman Kemp
– The Vanishing of Margaret Small by Neil Alexander
– The Second Stranger by Martin Griffin
– The Writer’s Journey by Travis Elborough
– The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels by Janice Hallett
– Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett
– Dear Dolly by Dolly Alderton
– Death Comes to Marlow by Robert Thorogood
– A Fire Endless by Rebecca Ross
– The Dazzle of the Light by Georgina Clarke
– The Bet of the Monsters by Sotto Voce – Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes by Giuseppe Dell’Anno
– The Joy of Small Things by Hannah Jane Parkinson
– We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Other Festive Poems by Chris Riddell
– The Direction of the Wind by Mansi Shah
– The Only Suspect by Louise Candlish
– Heading Home to Lavender Cottage by Alison Sherlock
– WishYouWas by Alexandra Page


– Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan
– The Whispering Muse by Laura Purcell
– Treacle Walker by Alan Garner
– The Christmas Chronicles by Nigel Slater
– In Little Stars by Linda Green
– Weyward by Emilia Hart
– Once Upon a Hillside by Angela McAllister
– The Best Days of our Lives by Lucy Diamond
– Banned Books
– Christmas Treats by Enid Blyton
– The Vintage Shop of Second Chances by Libby Page
– All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
– The Reader on the 6.27 by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent
– Healing Hearts at Bumblebee Barn by Jessica Redland
– Disney The Muppet Christmas Carol by Brooke Vitale
– The Proof in the Pudding by Rosemary Shrager
– Hanging Out by Sheila Liming
– A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
– Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nugent
– What Writers Read by Pandora Sykes (editor)

Come back tomorrow to see what I’ve chosen as my favourite books of January – June 2022.

One thought on “What Did I Read in 2022?

  1. Wow! That is a lot of books. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness worsening and hope the escapism books can provide has helped ease any discomfort. Thank you so much for including three of my titles in your 2022 reading. I’m honoured to be one of your most-read authors. Best wishes, Jessica x

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