Someone For Everyone – Tracy Corbett

Published By: Canelo
Pages: 320
Released On: 13/10/2022

Kate’s husband has not only left her, he’s also left her tons of debt and she now risks losing her career as a lawyer if she can’t find a way to pay it back.

Overnight, Calvin’s life changed when he signed for a major football team, and then again when injury forced him into early retirement. His life is once more about to be shaken up after he inherits his great-uncle’s estate.  

Kate needs a job and Calvin needs someone to manage the care home he now owns – if it doesn’t turn a profit in the next three months, it will be shut down and the residents forced out. Can the two work together to save Rose Court, and each other?


Thanks to NetGalley and Canelo for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

You can always rely on a festive Tracy Corbett book to get you in that warming, cosy, joyful mood.

Calvin is such a gorgeous character. I know there’s no pictures but just the way Tracy explains him shows he is just gorgeous inside and out. A lot of celebrities are often depicted as selfish and holier-than-thou, but he was a very natural character and I fell in love with him within minutes.

I also liked Kate. She was awkward and often found herself falling over and getting into embarrassing situations, and I felt an immediate kinship with her.

There are some problematic topics that some people may want to avoid including divorce, dent, physical health, affairs, death, mentions of suicide and mental health. They’re not overpowering and they don’t bring the tone down, but they’re very sensitively handled to give context to the bigger plot points.

The description of Pluckley in Kent was so lovely I ended up looking online for houses for sale; there were quite a few I liked the look of…I just need to find £1,000,000 to buy one!

This is the very definition of a happily-ever-after book, and not solely for the two protagonists. There is so much love and friendship in this book for everyone.

I liked that a lot of the main cast were the care home residents themselves, and not in a patronising “old person” way. They’re not in the way, they’re not a burden…they’re as important to the story as anyone else and it was really heartwarming to see.

I’ve had personal and professional experience with care homes and whilst I’ve always been pleased with them, they’re obviously restricted by rules, regulations and budget. Whereas this one, whilst there are some rules they must follow, it is generally unconventional and cosy and made the staff and residents a big family.

This is the second Tracy Corbett book I’ve read and I’ve liked them both immensely. She has quickly become a member of my go-to author list for quality, uplifting fiction.

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