Snowflakes Over Primrose Woods – Jill Steeples

Published By: Boldwood
Pages: 268
Released On: 04/10/2022

Abbey Carter, her boyfriend Sam and their trusty canine companion Lady, relish living in the picturesque village of Wishwell at the edge of their beloved Primrose Woods.  The woods and the country park are full of activity as the festive season approaches.

Lizzie Baker is flat out at the Treetops café, serving all sorts of winter warmers, festive goodies and lashings of hot chocolate. And when her daughter and grandchildren arrive to stay, the run up to Christmas is set to be even more magical than she had expected.

Rhianna West has finally found the perfect man to fall in love with – if only Luke wasn’t moving away in the New Year. 

As the snow falls on Primrose Woods, and the village of Wishwell sparkles with Christmas lights, could this be the year that every wish comes true for the three friends?


Thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

Look, can we just make every day “read-a-Jill-Steeples-Christmas-book” day please!

This is just the perfect book to see in the winter months (even if I did read it in the warm weather of September).

I’ve only recently come across Jill’s books with another festive offering “Maybe This Christmas”, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so of course I jumped at the chance to read this one.

I love the family feel in this book, directly with the related characters but also within friendship groups and within the wider community. I love how all the stories and the characters are linked. It brings more of a depth of character to the proceedings. There’s characters of all ages, babies, children, mums and dads, grandparents – it’s really lovely. You get to see how Christmas is for all ages, and it allows you to recapture that childish feeling that the festivities bring.

I do believe this is number two in the Primrose Wood series but you’d never know, you’d never feel like you’d been left out of the party if you hadn’t read the first one (I mean, I haven’t read the first one). I’m sure you may get the slight nuances if you have read the first, but it reads perfectly as a standalone novel.

Now, I’d like to know how I go about moving into this novel, how to live in this community?

It may be (at time of writing) another 114 days till the big day, but Jill Steeples has managed to fill me with that unique joy that can only be attributed to Christmas.

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