Together Under a Snowy Skye – Lisa Hobman

Published By: Boldwood
Released On: 24/08/2022

After the heartbreak of a secret unrequited love, Millie Treadaway has finally found someone to spend her life with. Harry Rose is handsome, successful and treats her like a princess. That is until Millie presents her fiancé with a surprise birthday gift, and their future is suddenly doomed.

Eight months later Millie returns to Glentorrin on the Isle of Skye for her best friend Jules’ Christmas wedding. Heartbroken, single and heavily pregnant. Staying in Lifeboat Cottage with Jules’ brother, kindhearted Dexter, she’s given up on love and resigned herself to be the best single Mum ever.

But a shock phone call from Harry leaves her reeling and doubting herself and her decisions.

Do second chances work? Or is Dexter, right? That she deserves much more?

Can the festive spirit in Glentorrin, and a little stray Jack Russell terrier, heal her heart? 

Or is she fated to remain a member of the lonely-hearts club forever?


Thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

Oh I do love a new Lisa Hobman book, especially one set in Scotland and at Christmas time, it’s like it was written just for me.

I really enjoyed reading about Millie, she was a great protagonist, very human with flaws but she had a strength of character that I really liked. I need a Dex in my life, in a little cottage in Scotland, snow falling outside and the fire burning inside, wrapped up in his arms…..where was I? Oh yes, Lisa does paint the perfect picture. I also liked Harry too. Not that I liked him as a person – he’s delightfully deceitful and nasty – but I appreciated the character writing of him to make him believable. And the extended cast of characters felt like a real community, and I loved the addition of little Nigel, the Jack Russell as he reminded me of my Jack Russell.

I’ve read a few of Lisa Hobman’s books now, and whilst I enjoyed them all immensely, this became my favourite within the first few pages, but I can’t really explain why, which isn’t good for a book review. The was jut something embedded in the words, a heart and a soul embedded in the words that made this stand out for me.

Was the ending slightly predictable? Yes. Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. Thats what I need, what I want from a romance book. I want that happily-ever-after feeling, that feeling of friendship and love and joy and warmth and positivity. It just makes you feel so happy that you can’t stop smiling as you read it. There is nothing less I would expect from one of her books, she’s become a go-to author for uplifting stories.

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