The Little House By The Sea – Tracy Rees

Published By: Bookouture
Pages: 277
Released On: 24/08/2022

Kitty Roberts spends her days searching for the perfect home for two… until her boyfriend dumps her. Devastated, she flees to a tiny seaside village called Pennystrand, where she spent golden summers as a child, before her family fell apart.

At first, Kitty’s dramatic escape proves to be exactly what she needs – golden sunsets over warm, sandy beaches, lovably eccentric new neighbours and even a blush-inducing run-in with Cory Hudson, a floppy-haired local surfer with a heart-stopping smile.

But just as Kitty feels herself beginning to heal, Cory reveals that his time in Pennystrand is nearly up. What’s more, some strange reactions to Kitty in town make her wonder if her connection to this place might go deeper than she thought.

What is this tranquil little village hiding? It seems there’s a secret in Kitty’s past that is about to turn her life on its head once more… Is she ready for the truth? And will it bring her and Cory closer together, or drive them apart?


Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

I do love a Tracy Rees book; perfect for warming you up and filling you with joy and hope.

The life Tracy has depicted – a small house in a village by the sea, in a small community, with her dream job, good friends, wrapped up in the garden with a cup of tea – it just sounds idyllic and I’m desperate to find a way of living in her fictional world.

I’m also glad I’m not the only one who spends their free time fantasy house shopping, lusting after expensive country cottages.

For a easy, happily-ever-after type book, it’s full of twists and turns and mystery. A lot to get your teeth into, but relaxing and comforting all the same. I like that not everything is neatly wrapped up by the end. There’s enough to satisfy you, but somethings are left to your own thoughts, which I’m hoping means there is going to be a sequel.

I loved all the characters – ok, perhaps not Mitch, and I wasn’t a big fan of Cooper – but everyone else…I just found them to be wonderful.

It’s full of heart and love and warmth. I don’t think there’s anything negative I can say about it.

This wasn’t your typical woman meets man love story. Whilst that’s an important element, this is more of Kitty falling in love with the village, with a house, with her friends and family, and with herself.

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