Just Got Real – Jane Fallon

Published By: Michael Joseph
Pages: 400
Released On: 23/06/2022

When happily divorced Joni is reluctantly talked into joining a dating app, she is surprised to quickly hit it off with Ant. Phone calls and texts soon evolve into a plan to meet up.

Which is a problem, as Joni’s profile picture is of someone else.

Joni daren’t confess her lie. Yet unable to stop thinking about what might have been, she hatches a plan to ‘meet’ Ant in real life without revealing who she really is.

Once she and Ant are an item, however, it’s soon clear that the only thing Ant was honest about was his profile picture. He’s still online dating. And intimately texting other women.

So Joni contacts them: they need to know. And once they’re comparing notes on Ant, upset turns to thoughts of revenge.


Does Jane Fallon ever write a bad book?

That was a rhetorical question by the way. The answer is clearly, no.

If I’m honest, her previous book “Worst Idea Ever” tops the list for me, but it was a very close call. This was a wonderful book. It’s funny and cheeky and sad and infuriating and shocking, and overall joyful.

This is definitely a story of friendship and platonic love. Jane is excellent at depicting community and humanity. Everything’s so full of heart. She excels at character building. They’re all so real and identifiable.

I kept saying I’d read one page, one more chapter, but I just couldn’t face putting it down. I had to know what happened next, it’s so inviting.

I liked the pacing of the story. It doesn’t rush, gives you enough time to develop feelings for the characters, but equally, it doesn’t drag on. There’s enough for you to get your teeth into, to entice you, and it flows really well.

Whilst it’s a joyful book to read on your own, it’s definitely one to share with your girlfriends.

Somehow, Jane manages to hit it out the park with every new book and you can’t quite believe she can sustain the genius, but then she brings out something like this. It really makes you eager for the next release, and you can guarantee I’ll be adding it to my Fallon shelf.

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