The Queen: 70 Years of Majestic Style – Bethan Holt

Published By: Ryland Peters & Small
Pages: 176
Released On: 19/04/2022

The past 70 years have seen a 25-year-old Princess transform into a nonagenarian monarch who is respected and loved the world over.

A woman whose views are never heard, Queen Elizabeth II has deployed fashion as a means to communicate and signal her position to the crowds who gather to see her in public and the millions who watch her television broadcasts: ”I must be seen to be believed”, she has said. The Queen’s evolving attitude to dress reflects a visual landscape that began as genteel reportage in mostly black and white and has over the years evolved into today’s technicolour 24/7 news cycle, flashes around the world in seconds and driven by social media. Incredibly, in her 70th gear as monarch, the Queen feels as relevant as ever before – and she is, undoubtedly, a style icon.


I am a massive royalist, always have been, and a particular fan of The Queen. She’s an inspiration and simply fabulous, to still be doing what she’s doing at 96 is just incredible.

Like Bethan’s previous book about the style of The Duchess of Cambridge from private to public figure, this documents the style evolution of Princess to Queen to legend.

The Queen has never set out to be a fashion icon. She knows what suits her, her position and her event. She has her favourites – a brightly coloured dress and coat, with matching hat, and her reliable heeled court shoes, gloves and handbag – and she just so happens to be, in my opinion, one of the most timelessly stylish women in the world.

I’d be interested to know if the photos in the book are chosen by Bethan Holt herself or if there’s a group of people who choose them and she narrates around them. The book is full of photos documenting her life from a princess who was never destined to rule, to a lady who has been top of her game for 70 years. They are gorgeous and give a definite sense of pride when you flick through them.

I am so jealous of Bethan’s job – to research and write about royal fashion and get paid for it – it’s just the dream.

Fashion can often be seen as frivolous but the Queen puts so much thought into her diplomatic dressing it’s seriously impressive.

I have always adored The Queen but the loss of Prince Phillip has made me admire here even more and I’m now more aware than ever that we won’t have her forever, and that makes me sad, but for now, we say God save the Queen.

Happy jubilee ma’am… never know, she might read this.

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