A Head Full of Magic – Sarah Morrell

Published By: Hashtag Press
Pages: 208
Released On: 25/04/2022

Fleur is used to balancing her two different cultures from her English Mum to her West Indian Nan, but when she discovers that she can talk to animals she finds herself in a whole new world! Can her new powers help her take down Celeste ’The Best’, the hockey-loving, ankle-smashing new girl, once and for all?


Thanks to Hashtag Press for the gifted proof of this title and a place in the book tour.

This book felt so fresh but so familiar. There’s hints of Mean Girls, Harry Potter, Mallory Towers and Dr Dolittle. 

I’d say it’s appropriate for kids maybe 10+, teenagers and adults alike. They will all get something slightly different out of it.

I would have liked slightly more about Fleur’s different heritages. Her cultures are mentioned on the blurb but it’s hardly mentioned. I understand you don’t have to push culture as simply a plot point, but I would have liked just a bit more focus on it.

Whilst it’s full of magic and charm, there are a lot of childish antics that will resonate with young readers, bringing a realistic element to the fantasy elements.

It’s very positive, comforting, charming and whimsical, fun, sensitive, interesting and entertaining, and above all, the magic feels so real! 

It is all wrapped up nicely but there is great scope for a series of Fleur’s adventures.

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