The Woman Who Took a Chance – Fiona Gibson

Published By: Avon
Pages: 354
Released On: 17/03/2022

Meet Jen. Flight attendant. Mum to a grown-up daughter. Permanently single.

Age: Fifty (gulp)
Number of Children: One
Number of Husbands: None (it’s complicated)
Number of Failed First Dates in the Last Month: Too depressing to contemplate
Numbr of Tickets for a Romantic, once-in-a-lifetime trip: Two
Number of Days Left to Find her Mr Right to Take on Holiday: Quickly running out…


Thanks to Avon for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

You’re know you’re going to get an enjoyable, positive, upbeat, happy story with Fiona’s novels, and this was no different.

I find myself identifying with the 50-year-old Jen, single and unemployed, trying to find a date and making ends meet. It’s a very human story that transcends ages.

I did find myself a little disappointed with the plot if I’m honest. Judging by the cover, I was expecting some kind of rom-com adventurous romp, when it’s actually focussed predominately on Jean’s dating life which did get a little repetitive.

Not my favourite Gibson book – that accolade goes to The Dog Share – but it’s up there.

It is a happy, joyful book that doesn’t sugarcoat hard topics. It’s light and funny without being twee; it’s real and honest without being patronising. Overall, it is heartwarming and a real pick-me-up book.

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