Send Nudes – Saba Sams

Published By: Bloomsbury
Pages: 224
Released On: 20/01/2022

In ten dazzling stories, Saba Sams dives into the world of girlhood and immerses us in its contradictions and complexities: growing up too quickly, yet not quickly enough; taking possession of what one can, while being taken possession of; succumbing to societal pressure but also orchestrating that pressure. these young women are feral yet attentive, fierce yet vulnerable, exploited yet exploitative.

Threading between clubs at closing time, pub toilets, drenched music festivals and beach holidays, these unforgettable short stories deftly chart the treacherous terrain of growing up – of tense friendships, of ambivalent mothers, of uneasily blended families, and of learning to truly live in your own body.


Thanks to Bloomsbury for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

I’ve made no secret about my general dislike for short stories. I like to get stuck in to a novel, and with short stories, you may only get a dozen pages or so to work with, and that doesn’t sit well with me, however, this book sounded promising right from the off.

Some I enjoyed more than others, but I’d probably say the same about chapters in a novel. I really enjoyed the cross section of female characters she chose to write about.

I felt some stories were a little rushed – but this could be down to my sparse relationship with the medium – but I most felt like they covered all required plots and you didn’t feel short changed.

They are quick to dip in and out of, perfect to read when waiting for an appointment or in between jobs. You don’t have to commit long hours, and whilst they do tackle some uncomfortable topics, they don’t feel heavy to read.

There’s an honesty in Saba’s writing; this isn’t about presenting women in their photoshopped, primped and perfect, male-gaze type way. This is raw and brutal and ugly and honest, covering all aspects of life and for that, it gets a thumbs up from me.

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