Write It All Down – Cathy Rentzenbrink

Published By: Pan Macmillan
Pages: 240
Released On: 06/01/2022

Why do we write and what stops us? How does the urge to express ourselves fight with the worry that no one will care or that we will get in trouble? How do we identify and overcome everything that gets in our way so we can start making work?


Thanks to Pan Macmillan for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

Anyone whose read any of Cathy’s books knows you don’t just stop at one. Out of her five published works (including this one), I have read four and own – but yet to read – the other one. Her talent stretched across memoir, grief and heartache, family, books, work, memories, writing, and more recently, the fiction world, and they’re all as brilliantly written as the last. Cathy is a writer who I would love to emulate in my own work – that ability to touch every fibre of ones heart and soul, no matter the topic.

Cathy is very genuine and honest in her exploration of becoming a writer. Writing may seem like an easy profession at first, but anyone in the business (or trying to break into it) can attest it is not. Cathy doesn’t hide away from this, and yet still makes it an exciting and achievable goal.

You know hundreds of thousands of people will be reading this book, but it gives you the feeling that Cathy is writing it directly for you and only for you. She seems approachable, like she would be happy to read through your work for you without evening having to ask. There is simply no ego. She has also provided small exercises, which aren’t pushy or complicated in any way, and they give you something to ponder whilst you’re working.

Like her, I also dislike when people say “If you’re meant to be a writer, you’ll find the time to write.” I understand the logic, but it doesn’t always work that way. Life, unfortunately, gets in the way, and sometimes our brains won’t even come up with the words we need. By sticking with this mentality, there’s extreme pressure and a worry you’ll never get started. So remember, write what you want to write, when you want to write, how you want to write it, and for whom you want to write it for. As long as you’re writing – whatever way you choose – you’re doing alright.

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