Where the Shadows Beckon: The Blood of Eith #1 – Gillian Grant

Released On: 04/01/2022

As a hunter, Evren Hanali of Orenlion has probably seen it all and done even more, even though she likes to fade into the background. She prefers a solitary existence, doing the jobs she’s commissioned for an not much else. But fate has other plans. It seems she has a destiny – one she is only beginning to unravel. And unlikely companions and exotic places are only the beginning of her journey.

When circumstances beyond her control – and gravity – send her plummeting to what she fears nay be her death, walking away unscathed opens a world of possibilities. Somehow, she becomes the leader of a motley crew if allies with a shared mission. Only it’s not clear what anyone’s end goal is, and trust is hard-earned. Still, the merry band of adventurers finds solace and friendship along the way – not to mention dangers galore.

In the instance of the Yawning Deep, as above is not as below. Add magic and mayhem to the mix, and Evren has the fight of her life on her hands. When one hard-fought win leads to revelations of lies, deceit, and murder, Evren and company must be willing to fight for what they love – and each other, or die trying.


Thanks to Gillian for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

I do love a debut, especially with a new fantasy series. There’s so much room for potential and excitement. I’d love to write a fantasy novel – and have actually started one – but the organisation it requires, and that Gillian must have to keep on top of everything, is impressive.

There is no messing about; we get straight into the action within the first two chapters, putting you right in the heart of the action.

Having said that, after the first few chapters, I found it got a little bit more “tell the reader what’s going on rather than show them”, which made it a little stop/start. There were some scenes a little drawn out, and others not long enough, which did affect the pacing slightly, but that didn’t stop it being thoroughly enjoyable. From about 15% of the way in, it becomes full on fantasy, exciting, fast, human (even amongst elves and goblins), fun, loving, hurtful, sad. It really grabs you in its hand and then you must get to the end.

Overall, I found this a very promising debut with hopefully much, much more to come.

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