Per My Last Email – Stephanie K. Wright

Published By: Andrews McMeel
Pages: 128
Released On: 11/11/2021

Offices are a breeding ground for odd expressions and hackneyed platitudes. Why are we peeling onions and putting irons in the fire? And most importantly, how is it even possible to give 110%? Per My Last Email will provide you with fresh new words to sprinkle throughout your workday and lift you out of your office-speak rut while making you laugh at the same time. With unexpected and entertaining phrases to boost the productivity of your meetings, revitalise your email game, and even the occasional office-appropriate swear, this book is a fun and informative send-up of stale corporate lingo that will help you freshen up your own workplace communication.


Thanks to Andrews McMeel for the advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

In my most recent job as part of a marking team, we started a whiteboard full of words and phrases that irritated us – this got longer and more pedantic with each passing day, and there’s many in this book, with fabulous alternatives. “Per my last email” is one of my biggest pet peeves and yet, I use it often as it’s so passively aggressive I love it.

It’s not too heavy a book, and you can flick through it, picking and choosing the topics you want to read. It’s not masses of prose; each page has a list of amusing examples for you to use these new fandangled (excellent word choice) words.

I know a few people who would love to have this on their bedside table. I am determined to get some of the more obscure words into everyday vernacular, probably confusing everyone in the process. But I would feel superior in every way – like a walking thesaurus.

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