One More Christmas at the Castle – Trisha Ashley

Published By: Transworld
Pages: 523
Released On: 11/11/2021

Elderly widow Sabine knows this will be her last Christmas in her beloved home, Mitras Castle. Determined to make it just like the ones she remembers as a child, she employs Dido Jones of Heavenly Houseparties to help with the big day.

Dido is enchanted by the castle as soon as she steps through the imposing front door. And as Christmas day approaches, her feeling of connection to the old house runs deeper than she first thought. But when the snow begins to fall and Sabine’s family arrive at the house – including Dido’s teenage crush Xan – tensions rise around the castle’s future and long-buried mysteries begin to unravel. As past secrets come to light, can this still be a magical Christmas to remember?


Thanks to Transworld for an advanced copy of this title in return for an honest review.

The formatting in my digital version was a little off, so it wasn’t always clear which narrator was talking in each chapter, but I soon got over that and it became obvious just by tone of voice who it was.

There are definite tinges of sadness throughout this story, and it does touch on some sensitive subjects, but at the crux it is about making the most of your life and the time you have left, and looking on the bright side. At the end of the day, Christmas is about friendship and family and love, no matter how hard they can be at times to hold on to; they always find a way in the end.

There’s an array of characters, all delightful and wonderful in their own individual ways – and they may be more connected than they think. At first, I found one of the main characters, Sabine, cold and snappy and hard to like, but I took to her instantly regardless of this, and once you chip away at the layers, you find she’s actually very caring and loving.

This is well written and whilst the undercurrent is of the traditional “happily-ever-after” festive book I love, there’s so many layers to it that make it enjoyable and exciting to read as there’s secrets hiding round every corner of this castle.

At times I definitely forgot I was reading a fictional book, and was wanting to tell everyone all the gossip as if it was real. And then I realised I had to leave the castle and return to my real life.

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