Quite – Claudia Winkleman

Published by: HQ
Pages: 248
Date released: 01/10/2020
Date read: 27/12/2020

Claudia Winkelman’s warmth, humour, no-holds-barred attitude and smoky eye have made her the favourite broadcaster of millions and a much-loved household name.

In this, her first ever book, Claudia invites us all into her world. She shares her observations on topics such as the important of melted cheese, why black coats are vital, how it’s never okay to have sex with someone who has an opinion on your date outfit, how nurses are our most precious national treasure, and why colourful clothing is only for the under 10s (if you’re reading this sporting a bright red jumper and you’re 9, great! If you’re older, sorry).

This is a love letter to life – the real, sometimes messy kind. Quite celebrates friendship, the power of art, the highs and lows of parenting, and of course, how a good eyeliner can really save your life.

This was the first book on my Christmas list last year. Yes, I’m nearly 30 and have a Christmas list still, can we move on?

I heard Claudia Winkleman on the Graham Norton show last year and she seemed so embarrassed about promoting it, so I’ll do it instead.

This book is perfect.


I have always adored Claudia and have always slightly wanted to be her when I grow up (apparently I’m already grown up, but there might be time to change that), and reading this, I’ve realised I’m more like her than I thought, and I’m so happy about it.

This is not an autobiography as such. This is not her life story. Instead, it covers topics that are important to her from black clothes, black eyeliner, friendship, love, and the most important…cheese. Cheese trumps everything in my opinion. There is an honesty to this book. You can listen to Claudia on the radio, watch her on TV, read this book, and you will get the same Claudia Winkleman in all three. There’s no pretending. She is who she is. And she’s awesome for it.

I love her and I love this book, and I advise everyone – whether you like her or whether you think you don’t, whether you watch her or not – to read this. It’ll change your life. Or at least your day. Definitely for the better. You cannot be anything other than happy and joyous whilst reading this.

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