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Everyone Here is Lying – Shari Lapena

Published By: BantamPages: 352Released On: 06/07/2023 Welcome to Stanhope – a safe neighbourhood. A place for families.William Wooler is a family man, on the surface. But he’s been having an affair, an affair that ended horribly this afternoon at a motel up the road. So when he returns to his house, devastated and angry, to…

The Collected Regrets of Clover – Mikki Brammer

Published By: VikingPages: 352Released On: 06/07/2023 Clover Brooks has forgotten how to live.It might be because she spends her time caring for people in their final days, working as a death doula in New York City.Or it might be because she has a regret of her own – one she can’t bring herself to let…

Michael the Amazing Mind-Reading Sausage Dog – Terrie Chilvers

Published By: Firefly PressPages: 208Released On: 08/06/2023Illustrated By: Tim Budgen Michael’s dream is to go from being an unknown pup to a Hollywoof sensation and global su-paw-star. But becoming famous is no walkies in the park… How long will it take Michael’s fellow inhabitants of Snuffles-by-Sea to recognise his amazing talent? And with the help…

This Child of Mine – Emma-Claire Wilson

Published By: AvonPages: 352Released On: 06/07/2023 When Stephanie is told she’s pregnant and that she is sick on the same day, she faces an impossible choice… After trying for a baby for so long, finding out I was pregnant was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. But in the same breath as…

My Friend Anne Frank – Hannah Pick-Goslar with Dina Kraft

Published By: RiderPages: 320Released On: 08/06/2023 When five-year-old Hannah Pick-Goslar and her family fled Nazi Germany to live in Amsterdam, she soon struck up a friendship with a precocious, outspoken and fun-loving girl named Anne Frank. For several blissful years, the girls were inseparable, enjoying carefree childhood games and sleepovers in their neighbourhood of Rivierenbuurt.Then,…

Fireborn Series – Aisling Fowler

Fireborn: Twelve and the Frozen Forest Published By: HarperCollins ChidrenPages: 448Released On: 29/09/2022 A FIERCE HEROINE RISES Twelve has spoken the Pledge and now she is a Huntling. She has given up her name to train in the art of fighting monsters, and she won’t choose a new one until she has earned it. But…

The Housekeepers – Alex Hay

Published By: Headline ReviewPages: 416Released On: 06/07/2023 UPSTAIRS, MADAM IS PLANNING THE PARTY OF THE SEASON.DOWNSTAIRS, THE SERVANTS ARE PLOTTING THE HEIST OF THE CENTURY.When Mrs King, housekeeper to the most illustrious home in Mayfair, is suddenly dismissed after years of loyal service, she knows just who to recruit to help her take revenge.A black-market…

Oh, Sister – Jodie Chapman

Published By: Michael JosephPages: 352Released On: 13/04/2023 Meet Isobel, Jen and Zelda.Three women whose bodies and minds are not their own.They belong to the Church.Life and death decisions are taken by others on their behalf.Who they might marry.Whether they start a family.Isobel and Jen know nothing of the world.But when Isobel’s husband leaves her and…

The Girl With the Red Hair – Buzzy Jackson

Published By: Michael JosephPages: 464Released On: 11/05/2023 1940, Amsterdam.You’re nineteen years old. The war has stolen your future and your country is under siege. The people you love are no longer safe.Will you stand aside as the menace of Nazi evil tightens its grip on your homeland? Or do you unleash your fury, joining forces…


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